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 Price of APAR Powder 2 Kg
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30 Apr 2020
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IDR 1.525

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APAR / Light Fire Extinguisher


The price of APAR Powder 2 Kg, selling 2 Kg powder fire extinguisher at a cheap and affordable price of 2 Kg powder fire extinguisher. We sell APAR Powder which is used to overcome ABC class fire hazards. A class of fires which includes class A fires (fires caused by solid objects such as cloth, wood, charcoal, paper). Then there is the fire class B, where this fire is caused by liquids and gases. Meanwhile, for class C, it is a fire caused by a short circuit.


Fire extinguisher with dry chemical media has the disadvantage of leaving a residue after the extinguishing process is finished, so we must immediately clean the fire area. Mainly in electronic devices so it does not cause corrosion. However, this powder fire extinguisher remains excellent among the public. In addition to the price of fire extinguisher media powder is much cheaper than other fire extinguishing media. This fire extinguisher is also multifunctional, capable of extinguishing fires with ABC fire class. So by buying a powder-type fire extinguisher, you can extinguish fires caused by solid, liquid, gas and electrical zippers.


PT. Jaya Putra Multipurpose as a distributor of fire extinguishers that provides services for selling small and heavy fire extinguishers. Offering price of APAR tube with PINK colored dry chemical powder media with SAVEREX brand.


This PINK Powder APAR Tube has the following advantages:


Safety Fire Extinguisher is used because it has passed the Pressure & Leakage Test by the Research Institute and Industry Standardization Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry

Extinguishing media uses ABC Dry Chemical Powder PINK EN615 Standard media that has passed the TCLP metal and LD50 test by the Lab. Quality Research and Development Center and Environmental Laboratory MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND FORESTRY

Extinguisher warranty for 5 years and warranty media tube pressure for 1 year

Free Shipping (Term & Conditional Apply


A fire extinguisher tube is a vital fire extinguisher that must be present in any place that has a high fire risk. No exception is also for residential households. Because in reality there are so many fires even in homes due to human negligence. And of course we do not want the danger of fires that we can extinguish, but instead become large and out of control due to the unavailability of fire extinguishers around us. Because not only will result in property losses but also our lives are threatened. So let's provide a fire extinguisher around us for the safety of our property and soul, by purchasing fire extinguisher products through PT. Jaya Putra Multipurpose. Fire extinguisher refill services are also available at economical low cost fire extinguisher refills. ALERT!!! to the distributor of fire extinguishers who offer cheap fire extinguisher prices without a clear background.



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