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Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher which is generally in Indonesia is called a Fire Extinguisher. Fire Extinguisher or read "fire ex · tin · guish · er" is a portable fire extinguisher that can remove water, foam, gas, and other media that is able to extinguish the fire causes of fire. Various types of agents or media containing fire extinguishers in each country are not much different. The following are various fire extinguisher tube media: Dry Chemical Powder: is a powder-based medium that separates four parts from fire tetrahedron. It is able to prevent the occurrence of chemical reactions involving heat, fuel and oxygen. This method stops the production of fire and maintains free radicals so that it can extinguish the fire. Foams: able to extinguish fires from fuel sources. Foams are also well mixed and used in branch pipes. By forming a lot of foam it is able to seal the fuel so that oxygen cannot reach it. Water: by cooling the fuel with water, it is very effective to use for fires against furniture, fabric and so on. But it is used correctly because water can conduct electricity. Wet Chemical and Water Additives: is a wet chemical (potassium acetate, carbonate, or citrate). Used to extinguish the fire by being a blanket (soap foam) when the oil material burns. Wet Chemical is able to cool the oil below its temperature point of achievement. Clean Agents: useful to replace oxygen (CO2 or Inert gas) and able to remove heat from the combustion area (halotron and FE-36) or able to inhibit various chemical reactions (Halons). This media leaves no residue and is well used for electronics and document files. Carbon Dioxide CO2: is a clean gas that replaces oxygen. But CO2 is not suitable for use in fires containing oxygen which is a source such as metal or cooking media. Do not spray directly on humans (face) because CO2 can cause inflammation due to cold and shortness of breath. Class D Powder: is an extinguisher tube agent that is able to extinguish metal and other types of fires. Halon 1211 / BCF: (It must not be used, except in the UK it is still used for certain situations such as aircraft, military and police).
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